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I am wholly committed to helping others discover their ability to live BIGGER than their BAGGAGE and to experience the boldness that life has to offer which includes taking chances that may ultimately change the direction of one’s current lifestyle.  Join me for an experience that will intertwine coaching, psychology, life experience, and humor with the goal of fostering increased hope, heightened self-awareness, and an increased desire to rise above one's past predicaments.

Is any portion of your life (including your dreams, potential for healthy relationships, and your ability to attain joy) at a standstill?  Are emotions such as resentment, pain, confusion, anxiety, and sadness towards others blocking your path to personal success?  As a psychological trauma expert, practicing mental health practitioner, life coach, author, and producer one of my goals is to “teach by way of doing”.  I’m excited to share with you a virtual empowerment experience that is aimed at identifying the baggage that is suffocating your aspirations in various areas of your life and promoting resolutions that will be more conducive to creating and maintaining the best quality of life for oneself.  Your baggage may have once made you feel like a prisoner and had you feeling helpless.  You aren’t alone.  I was once in your shoes.  However, at some point, I had to make some concrete decisions that went against comfortable learned behaviors and the consequences of personal hardships.  My diminished hope affected my ability to recognize my purpose, impacted my ability to create and sustain healthy relationships, and to believe in myself just enough to take chances that I deserved to take.  Allow me to teach you how to maximize the wisdom that is waiting to be harnessed from your baggage – the benefits of telling yourself the absolute truth, recognizing triggers, utilizing forgiveness as a gateway to wisdom, and ultimately creating a realistic and highly optimistic plan of success for your life.

This empowerment experience spans over two weekday evenings for a total of four hours of enriching information accompanied by exercises that help to reinforce the information provided.  Topics to be covered include:

        What is considered baggage?  How does one identify it?

        Failure to Launch – Top Reasons

        The value of speaking the truth regarding your baggage

        Vulnerability & Forgiveness – A Lesson in Perspective

        The true cost of pain and resentment 

        The damaging effects of baggage on your mental and physical health 

        The gift of forgiveness 

        Assembling your STAR team

        The importance of REALISTIC EXPECTATIONS 

        The power (negative and positive) of self-talk 

        Building confidence and self-worth with mindfulness and gratitude