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Cory George,


Cory George is a nationally recognized trauma expert and certified clinical trauma specialist (individual and family) and can be seen on A&E’s new original series “Digital Addiction” as an interventionist.  He has risen above his own painful outcomes of childhood trauma including rape & molestation, bullying, abandonment, and physical abuse to become a passionate and dedicated practitioner working with individuals and families.  He has a strong desire to also educate individuals and communities regarding trauma, it’s consequences, and instilling hope for healing.  George is also an  award-winning television personality, author and  multimedia producer who has committed his life to the “ministry” of mental health.  He is currently a doctoral student studying Community Care & Counseling with a focus on Pyschological Trauma.


Over the last decade, George has drawn both from his lived experience and his work experience as a highly-skilled trauma recovery practitioner to transform the lives of many who have decided to face the trauma of their past.   After overcoming his own traumatic experiences (childhood sexual assault, physical abuse, bullying, and abandonment), George decided to follow the calling that was laid before him; to help individuals, families, and communities heal, discover the truest meaning of self, and to grow.  He also has a special interest in the effects and intersection of historical and cultural trauma.

He is regarded as a trailblazer who utilizes his platform to speak on tough conversations; especially those centered on trauma and its deliterous affects within the African-American community; having made several appearances on media outlets such as Huffington Post Live, OWN Network’s Iyanla: Fix My Life and local radio & television outlets, 


In 2014, George created, hosted, and produced Whispers in the Night, an acclaimed documentary that reports the full lifecycle of childhood sexual assault as experienced by three African American adult male survivors. George moderates a timely and painfully detailed conversation that speaks at the heart of men who still suffer the resounding effects of sexual assault and offers victims a portrayal of what victory and healing can look like for them.  The documentary has amassed over 11,000 online views.


In 2015, he released a book titled SIT or STAND 2.0: Living Successfully Beyond Your Shadows. Inspired by his trials and triumphs, the book enables the readers to re-evaluate themselves and discover the true meaning of their life events in the same manner that has helped George transform his travails into a success story.


In 2019, Cory George created the award-winning talk show 1 on 1 with Cory George. He is also the host and executive producer of the talk show that focuses on the tough conversations that he hopes will benefit African American families. The show currently airs in Washington, DC on DCTV (DC’s Public Access channel).


George is currently pursuing his Doctor of Education degree in Community Care and Counseling; Traumatology at Liberty University. A native of Houston, Texas and Ville Platte, Louisiana, he and his family reside in the metro Washington, D.C. area.

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