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You Deserve To Discover The Path That Leads to Your Best Life

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"Let's work together to uncover and manage roadblocks, address unhealed trauma and associated consequences, and create a personalized path for success.  Your best assets are waiting to be utilized in the most functional and productive way."


Crisis & Trauma Expert, Certified Clinical Trauma Specialist, and Anger Management Professional.




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I'm Cory George.

An empathetic and compassionate trauma expert, speaker, and transformational coach who understands the various life issues that can serve as obstacles to personal success.

I know firsthand how it feels to live without a sense of direction, feeling empty, and having to deal with bouts of despair as a result of trauma and other negatively-impactful life events.  Sometimes, I needed affirmation and assurance that my next life decision was indeed in my best interest.

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Before I began my journey as a mental health professional I had to overcome very traumatic experiences including childhood sexual assault, abandonment, physical abuse, and bullying.  Therefore, I also know firsthand the positive impact that is felt when one is able to be in relationship with a professional who believes in their ability to be better for themselves. Being better for self automatically impacts all other connections to which the individual is ascribed.


I am also an award-winning talk show host & producer, author, writer, and inspirational storyteller. I have appeared as a guest on various television and radio outlets as well as having conducted numerous interviews with various figures.  Now, I am using my experience in front of and behind the camera to assist individuals and companies in shaping their messages for the media by offering media coaching services.  I'd like to assist you in becoming "camera ready" by offering mock interviews that can be recorded and analysed in order to make the best recommendations for your media presence.  Additional advice regarding on-camera wardrobe selection and body language can help you make a long-lasting and positive impression.  

Services I Provide For My Clients

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Discover three simple actions you can take right now to positively impact your life.


It is important to take into consideration all resources, obstacles, and current mindset when creating realistic and achievable goals. This will increase your chance of success and help prevent major disappointment.


Your plan of action sets the stage for the effort and work that is required for your goals to manifest. Components such as your support system and self-care are a vital part of a successful action plan.


Investing in yourself includes doing THE WORK, allowing yourself to be held accountable, understanding that you have an accountability partner and someone who believes that you deserve the best that life has to offer.

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Living Succesfully Beyond Your Shadows

My childhood experience was one that was filled with love, confusion, pain, instability, and conflict. By the age of 13 I had survived childhood rape and molestation, bullying, instability, bouts of poverty, and the death of my first mother-figure; my grandmother.  My teenage years would be the hardest years to traverse as I tried to make sense of all of these events seemingly without any support. These years served as the setup to a rough entry into adulthood.  Crippled by the extreme need for validation coupled with the inability to rise above low self-esteem I made myself available to more harm and abuse.



"Mr. George is an intelligent and compassionate person that does something that most people have a hard time doing and that is listening.  Together, talking about any problems or situations good or bad are evaluated and seen for what they are."

~ M. Milton

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