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Award-winning Television Host and Producer | Author | Professional Life Coach I Mentor I Public speaker.


To say that Cory George's beginnings were humble is an overstatement. Accepting that his own beginnings were far from advantageous, Cory George is determined to help others transforms their trials and challenges into worthwhile life lessons that may serve as powerful examples of triumph for others.


Having overcome a childhood riddled with neglect, sexual abuse, bullying, and constant instability, Cory George has dedicated his life work to helping others raise their expectations regardless of their circumstances and to create the best life that they can and on their own terms.  He is a professional life coach, certified anger management specialist, author, multimedia producer and talk show host. He has become the voice for those that have yet to trust their own.  To find out more about Cory press the button below to download his full biography.




Author, television personality, and coach practitioner, Cory George, raises the stakes for the reader to make the life-changing decision to reconcile their past hurts and to recognize and accept the valuable life lessons that will ultimately lead to better life choices and a more fulfilling life experience.  Adversity forces you to make a decision; to either FOLD under the weight of pressure or FLOURISH as a result of what that same pressure has revealed.  Neither childhood sexual assault, a debilitating speech impediment, bullying, or bearing witness to drug and alcohol addiction within his family resulted in total defeat for the author.  This gripping and transparent literary offering combines the power of testimony with carefully crafted lessons offered from a coaching perspective. Sit or Stand 2.0 offers, from a coach’s perspective, a playbook of tried-and-true techniques that will help the reader harness the full power of one’s life experiences.  In addition, the reader will come to further understand how pain, adversity, and trials can be transformed into PURPOSE and PASSION.

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