"Let's work together to uncover and manage roadblocks, address past trauma, and create a personalized path for success.  Your best assets are waiting to be utilized in the most functional and productive way."


Certified Clinical Trauma Specialist, Crisis & Trauma Recovery Coach, and Anger Management Professional


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I'm Cory George, an empathetic and compassionate trauma-informed crisis and trauma recovery coach and professional life coach who understands the various life issues that can serve as obstacles to personal success.

I know firsthand how it feels to live without a sense of direction, feeling empty, and having to deal with bouts of despair as a result of trauma and other negatively-impactful life events.  Sometimes, I needed affirmation and assurance that my next life decision was indeed in my best interest.  Before I began my journey as a mental health professional I had to overcome very traumatic experiences including childhood sexual assault, abandonment, physical abuse, and bullying.  Therefore, I also know firsthand the positive impact that is felt when one is able to be in relationship with a professional who believes in their ability to be better for themselves. Being better for self automatically impacts all other connections to which the individual is ascribed.


My victories served as motivation for my desire to help others gain clarity, establish or regain self-control, remediate anxiety, and make sense out of troubling or confusing life events.  My experience includes working with individuals dealing with depression, anxiety, suicidal ideation, traumatic events, situations involving crisis, ADHD, and issues related to work/life balance and goal achievement. Your emotional well being deserves to be your top priority.  I look forward to speaking with you about your journey, your life’s desires and how I may help you achieve those desired outcomes.  To find out additional information please click "LEARN MORE" BELOW.

DISCLAIMER:  As an unlicensed counselor I am not authorized to diagnose mental illness or disorders.  Also, my services are not covered by insurance.


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"Mr. George is an intelligent and compassionate person that does something that most people have a hard time doing and that is listening.  Together, talking about any problems or situations good or bad are evaluated and seen for what they are."

M. Milton

"He is insightful to a degree that I have yet to see in another individual. Sometimes he can resolve an issue that I was experiencing with friends, family, or past relationships with just a single sentence and it has been life changing."

G. Johnson

"Cory mixes a unique blend of compassion and firmness to help me faced some hidden fears and tough truths.  Cory is sympathetic, but tough.  He holds high expectations of a commitment to work and holds you to your word."

T. Roach

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