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"Whispers in the Night"

"Whispers in the Night" (2013) is a gripping, epic, and ultimately triumphant documentary conversation that tackles the full life-cycle of childhood sexual assault as told from the point-of-view of black males who have not only survived sexual assault but who also chose to thrive in spite of it. Written, produced, and facilitated by sexual trauma recovery counselor, author, and producer Cory George, this discussion represents an unprecedented look at the lives of three courageous black men (Reginald Prince, O'Brien Dennis, & Brent Smith) who have chosen to come forward in complete honesty.


Their stories intersect on varying emotional levels ranging from solemn and sad to optimistic and happy. Reginald's experiences culminated in extreme denial, spiritual confusion, and ultimately alcohol abuse and self-hatred. O'Brien, a native of Jamaica, was forced to deal with his ordeals under the cloud of extreme homophobia. He felt abandoned by the justice system of his native land and eventually resorted to alcohol abuse and promiscuity as a means of coping. Brent, the quiet child, suffered repeatedly at the hands of his abuser for almost a week. Fear of disrupting his family, coupled with the fear of no one believing his experience, he spent several years harboring a secret that changed his life from the moment it all began. Eventually, all three of these courageous men were able to finally face the truth about their abuse, make a decision to begin the healing process, and to use their story to convince others that there is a way to rise back to the surface of their own lives.

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