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Sit or Stand 2.0

Living Succesfully Beyond Your Shadows

"You Can Attract The Life You Desire By Living The Life That You Deserve"

My childhood experience was one that was filled with love, confusion, pain, instability, and conflict. By the age of 13 I had survived childhood rape and molestation, bullying, instability, bouts of poverty, and the death of my first mother-figure; my grandmother.  My teenage years would be the hardest years to traverse as I tried to make sense of all of these events seemingly without any support. These years served as the setup to a rough entry into adulthood.  Crippled by the extreme need for validation coupled with the inability to rise above low self-esteem I made myself available to more harm and abuse.

Sit or Stand 2.0 is my story of the perfect rebound.  Learn how I was able to turn my victimization into power and purpose while imparting valuable coaching advice on how you can possibly overcome any adversity set before you.  Learn the importance of taking control and responsibility for your life AFTER the storms have passed and how negative coping skills can create pathways for further hurt and abuse. You have the power to decide how your adversities will affect your next steps. You are worth the investment and you deserve the success.


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