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Trauma-Focused Counseling Services

As a trained and experienced trauma expert, life coach and counselor I am especially concerned about especially concerned about how past and unresolved trauma may be intruding, interrupting, and disrupting one's behavior, outlook on life, and its effects on one's view of self. I have successful counseled individuals who have experienced sexual abuse, sexual assault, family disruptions, violence and accidents of a physical nature, and PTSD.  In addition, I am also capable of dispensing counseling services targeting specific mood disorders.  Let's work together to uncover your strengths and assets.  If necessary, connections to resources in one's local community can be established to provide extra layers of support and stability.

*As an unlicensed therapist I cannot diagnose mental health disorders. Also, all fees for services are paid upfront prior to each session.


Anger Management Counseling

Have you been at risk of losing or have lost jobs, relationships, meaningful connections and/or have been ordered by a court of low or employer to take anger management classes?  Anger is a natural human emotion.  However, some of us may express our anger in a way that can be harmful to others and ourselves.  Or, there may be a lack of ability to express anger and it becomes internalised which can also foster negative behaviors.  Individuals who may have experienced abuse, childhood trauma, abuse, or are dealing with substance abuse, ADHD, depression, anxiety, personality disorders, and other issues may be more prone to experiencing issues controlling how one's anger is dispensed.  As a Certified Anger Management Specialist I am qualified to render anger management training that may be approved by a court or employers.  Anger management training can either be dispensed individually or as a weekly group session.


Life-coaching Services

Life-coaching is a less clinical approach to problem-solving and focuses on the present while assisting individuals in the progress of their goals, assists uncovering and working through roadblocks, and gaining positive coping and communication skills that can be applied in the areas of interpersonal relationships, educational goals, business goals, career goals, and overall day-to-day life activities.  Achievable goals are created, progress is tracked, obstacles are evaluated, and behavior/mindset change is enacted to achieve the goals that were set.


Media Coaching Services

Are you desiring to improve your presence in front of the camera?  Perhaps you are promoting a product or service and desire assistance in putting your best foot forward.  I have appeared in front of and have also worked behind the camera. My experience as an award-winning  producer, television program creator and host can assist you in achieving a media presence that speaks to your strengths and highlights your personality while being concise and ensuring that your message gets across in the time allotted.  Also, I am able to advise on wardrobe color choices especially as it relates to being in front of the camera.

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