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Is your quality of life (professional, home, romance, and otherwise) being hampered by lack of effective anger and stress management? If so, then it’s time to learn to "CALM THE CHAOS" and gain more control over anger and stress so that you may lead a more productive, satisfying, and worthwhile life.  This program offers more than just the traditional text-book/slideshow/video format.  It also combines effective counseling techniques that aid in positive behavior modification.  SIGN UP TODAY to start creating a more peaceful state-of-mind that will reap lifelong positive results.

Next 8-week Virtual Training Cycle Begins on 
Thursday, 04/08/2021, 7-9 PM EST 


Anger Management Counseling helps individuals recognize their triggers, distinguish between appropriate and inappropriate emotional and physiological responses, and discover better coping strategies and communication skills.  When individuals engage in an anger management counseling relationship they can anticipate experiencing and developing the following: 

  • fresh perspectives about anger management/control and its opportunities 

  • enhanced thinking and decision-making skills for achievement of goals 

  • improved interpersonal effectiveness and emotional intelligence skills 

  • increased understanding and confidence about life, roles and relationships 


Anger management group sessions follow the “What’s Good About Anger?” curriculum; providing evidence-based approaches for managing anger.   The primary goals of this program include teaching participants the positive value of anger as well as assisting participants in recognizing their triggers, constructive ways of de-escalation, stress management, and understanding the consequences of their actions.  Lecture, combined with classroom exercises, take-home assignments, videos, and other interactive elements helps participants retain more information therefore increasing possibilities of a more successful outcome.


Although our training program is approved by the National Anger Management Association we urge all participants to download and review the 8-week course outline with either their probation officer or attorney before registering/paying for the program.  The 



The total cost of training, including all training materials, for the 8-week (2-hour weekly group session) is $500.  The cost for the 4-week (2-hour weekly group session) is $250.  Fees is payable either in full or up to 4 bi-weekly installments. Class is limited to 10 participants per training cycle and full attendance is required in order to receive a certificate of completion that can then be forwarded to your employer or probation officer if necessary.  Download the workshop information sheet below.  

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